Coping with Parkinson's Disease

A powerful, personal chronicle of the coping mechanisms of a scientist and his wife, both of whom are afflicted with Parkinson's Disease. While most Parkinson's books are clinical, dry and sometimes frightening and impersonal, Dr. Morgan's book is warm, easily accessible and shares inventive coping strategies as well as personal experiences.

Written for the newly-diagnosed victim of Parkinson's Disease and their friends and family, Defending Against the Enemy is a personal look into the lives of two "parkinsonians," and offers incredible resources for understanding and living with this harrowing and unpredictable disease.

Presented in an easy-to-read journal style, Morgan's research and documentation make this an invaluable handbook for those afflicted with Parkinson's. Sufferers, loved ones and caregivers will learn what to expect as the disease progresses and will appreciate this insightful resource of practical ideas on diet, exercise, medication and emotional support.


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