Diane Sandell's ninety-one-year-old mother, Bessie Jarvis, was severely beaten in a nursing home in Orange County, California. She died six weeks later. The home was never cited for abuse, nor was anyone ever prosecuted. Inevitably, most of us will have to supervise the care of aging family, and each of us faces the prospect of growing old and, possibly, frail. Ending Elder Abuse confronts the inexcusable pervasiveness of abuse—verbal, physical, mental, sexual, and financial—of America's elders. Its practical, creative approach provides hope and encouragement to the elderly and their families, while offering solutions to caregivers and proposing a realistic strategy for legislators to help eliminate this devastating problem.

Nearly 1.6 million Americans live in nursing homes. That number will double in the next twenty years. Thirty percent of elderly Americans say they would rather die than move into a nursing home. Their fears are well founded: more than a quarter of the nursing homes in the United States have been repeatedly cited for violations that caused serious harm or death to residents. In California, fully one-third caused serious injury or death, and less than 2 percent of nursing homes had no violations!

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