Critical acclaim for Ending Elder Abuse by Lois Hudson and Diane Sandell:

"I am strongly recommending that you read it. The book held my undivided attention. I did no scanning. Just reading. Hanging onto every word. Wishing they were not true. Knowing they were. And my advice to any family seeking to place a loved one in a nursing home is: Read Ending Elder Abuse."

Mary Jane Holt, The Citizen, Fayetteville, Georgia

"This immensely helpful volume provides readers a practical, creative approach to caring for their aging parents, as well as offering solutions to professional caregivers and proposing a realistic strategy for legislators and political activists seeking to eliminate this distressing problem. Critically important, highly recommended reading for anyone with a loved one in assisted living or nursing home care."

The Midwest Book Review

"What informs the book's insights and solutions, and thereby distinguishes it, are Sandell's personal experiences.. The unfolding story is truly compelling. 'To be able to live with the awful fact of Mother's death,' she writes, 'I knew I had to realize something positive from it.' As a chronicle of her journey and an invaluable resource to others, this book is proof that she succeeded in doing just that."

ForeWord Magazine

"A valuable book for caregivers, filled with useful information on evaluating facilities, working with the medical community, motivating government officials and, of course, protecting loved ones and caring for the caregiver. This book is a valuable tool that can help families prevent mistreatment of their elders."

California Seniors Magazine

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