Dr. Lydia Sicher united a brilliant brain with a dauntless spirit; she was therefore exactly the kind of human being who most appealed to Adler. Both as a doctor and as a lecturer, Dr. Sicher's work was of the highest quality; she possessed many of the characteristics that Adler found most helpful both to the spread of Individual Psychology and to himself personally. Her humour was of a dry and bracing kind, and never failed her. She had all of Adler's love of the concrete fact shorn of verbiage, and a staunch fidelity to complete accuracy both of word and thought . . . Sicher and Franz Plewa had an unrivalled knowledge of Adler's theories, and of the treatment he applied to a wide variety of mental disease and instability.

"Lydia Sicher was more than Adler's right arm, she did more than just assist. Her forte was the relationship of Adlerian psychology to the movement of mankind"
          Joseph Meiers, M.D., psychiatrist.


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