Dear Authors:
We love to hear from you, and work vigilantly to discover writers whose work can help uplift us all. If you are considering submitting your manuscript to QED Press, please keep the following in mind:

Manuscripts must be typed or output on a letter-quality or laser printer, double-spaced and with ample margins. A self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage to return materials should accompany all manuscripts and queries. If you do not wish materials returned but would like to be notified if your submission has been rejected, include a self-addressed # 10 envelope with a first class stamp (33 in the USA). Your cover letter should include a daytime phone number if possible, so we can call you if we are interested in publishing your work.

We do not charge a reading fee and receive too many submissions to be able to comment on any but the most striking manuscripts. We generally respond between thirty and ninety days to queries and submissions and prefer to receive completed manuscripts. Electronic submissions are not accepted. We will request a disk (if your manuscript is available on disk) only when we contract to publish your book.

We are interested in books for readers over the age of thirty-five, preferably non-fiction in the fields of health and healing, although we will publish strong, non-formulaic fiction and we do publish one book of poetry each year. Previous credits are not necessary, although we hold to high writing standards.