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What you're angry about is not what you're angry about.
hope is a set-up.
Life is a game you're invited to play. There's only on catch: The rules were made up while you were out of the room.
Victor Biondo's unorthodox approach to personal and group therapy consistently challenged his clients to look anew into the foundations of their "human-beingness." The techniques he developed during his 25-year practice are provocative, stimulating and profound. Oriented toward personal empowerment, individual intergrity and taking responsibility for one's self and actions, Victor articulates with compelling insight his uncommon commitment to the development of human authenticity.
Victor was fircely iconoclastic. He was passionately committed to living his life in accordance with his beliefs and to sharing it in his community with a militant - others might say headlong - intensity seldom encountered in one person.
Victor's life and work centered around service to others. In Mendocino, CA, he organized and led encounter sessions - marathons, as they came to be known - for people desiring to discover and explore the inter- and intra-personal issues affecting their lives.
Toward the end of his life, his devotion to working with people with AIDS took on almost superhuman dimensions. Through it all, Victor continued to share his personal experiences with others, encouragin, enabling and empowering those he met and worked with to become authentic and complete in the living - in the being - of their own individual lives.

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